9 Things that You Need in an Ideal Bartender Kit

What do you need in a bartender kit

Finding the ideal bartending kit depends on your budget and needs. Consider investing in a two-sided jigger that clearly indicates single and double shots; additionally, an electronic citrus press allows for handheld squeezer use to press fresh lemons and limes.

French shakers may also be useful, although they require their own strainer and channel knife for cutting garnishes.


A jigger is the measuring device used by bartenders to craft accurate cocktails. You may see recipes calling for two jiggers of whiskey; this is not meant as an attempt at showing flair but instead is designed to prevent overpouring, which could result in unnecessary waste and an unpleasant customer experience.

Hold the jigger with its desired measurement facing upward, fill it to its marked line and pour. Additionally, this tool can also help save you steps by pouring spirits directly into a cocktail shaker or mixing glass.

Citrus Press

Fresh citrus juice makes all the difference when creating whiskey sour, daiquiri or mojito cocktails. A reliable lemon squeezer like Zulay professional citrus press allows you to extract more juice with minimal effort while preventing you from squeezing your fingers in the process.

Viski’s Black Citrus Press brings effortless juicing to any bar game. Featuring a transparent container/bowl fitted with white citrus press reamers and troughs to prevent bitterness from leeching into the juice, it makes effortless juice extraction possible.

Paring Knife

A paring knife, smaller than its chef’s knife counterpart, can easily slice through citrus fruits with tough skin or other garnishes, and remove their seeds from apples or other fruits.

This premium bar tool set features designated dents in its wooden stand to prevent tools from falling and rusting while keeping them organized – an ideal kit for beginner bartenders or experienced bartenders looking to maintain an organized workspace! Additionally, this set comes complete with its own travel bag!

Bar Tongs

Garnish tongs enable bartenders to handle ice and garnishes hygienically for creating cocktails with an impeccable aesthetic. These tongs typically feature durable stainless steel construction that maintains aesthetics even after frequent use.

Some tongs also feature teeth or claws designed to hold larger ice shapes such as spheres for easy handling and avoid dropping cubes or crushing them unnecessarily. This feature allows bartenders to avoid dropping cubes or crushing them by mistake.

Bar Spoon

A bar spoon is an essential tool for mixing cocktails, muddling ingredients and layering shots. Plus, it can even help garnishes such as berries and olives to be picked up easily!

One bar spoon equals 5ml, making it an effective jigger alternative in recipes requiring ounces. They come in various lengths and styles.

Japanese bar spoons feature long, slim stems to gently crack ice while European styles feature flat ends to reduce champagne bubbles or layer shots.

Wine Key

Wine keys or waiter’s corkscrews are used for opening bottles of vino, says horus too. Featuring a foil cutter and lever that looks similar to a small knife, a metal fulcrum provides leverage when extracting corks.

This gift set makes an excellent present for wine enthusiasts or anyone who enjoys entertaining, as it features everything a person would need to start bartending at home, such as a Cobbler cocktail shaker, Hawthorne strainer, Jigger and Ice tongs – everything needed for success in bartending at home!

Foil Cutter

Foil cutters are an indispensable bartending tool that help your staff work quickly and efficiently while creating an appealing customer experience at your bar or restaurant.

This one utilizes four blades for easy foil cutting. It features a compact design and can be shut with one hand.

Although it’s not as slim as some of the other foil cutters on our list, this magnetic model makes an excellent present for wine enthusiasts. Plus, its sturdy frame lets it remain on your fridge!

Bottle Opener

An elegant bottle opener can add aesthetic value and functionality to your bartending kit, from popping beer caps to pulling out stubborn corks – and it often goes overlooked!

Ring-style openers offer convenience by being worn comfortably on your finger, making serving drinks easier without needing to return to the bar for another opener. Furthermore, these models are less likely to become lost than their traditional counterparts and come in an array of colors and styles to choose from.