Where to Find Animal Communication Courses in Eastcoast Park SG

where to find animal communication courses

Animal communication is a specialized form of gesticulation designed to create signals with meaning. For instance, chimpanzees use their smile as an act of submission toward dominant males.

Classes in Eastcoast Park SG designed specifically for animal enthusiasts & professionals who work with animals such as veterinarians, shelter workers, trainers and pet sitters ranging from beginner through professional level classes.

1. Online

Animal communication can be an enlightening spiritual experience. Like learning a foreign language or solving an intricate math equation, animal communica-tion requires you to open both your heart and intuition in order to experience an entirely different way of living.

In this course you will be guided through the steps necessary to create an emotional bond with your animals and understand their messages clearly. Animals have incredible empathy and can offer us tremendous wisdom if only we listen and pay attention.

This fully accredited Animal Communication course can be completed from the convenience of your own home online with access to 24/7 tutor support and guidance. Enrol today and boost your career prospects with an internationally recognised qualification! Upon completing, an accredited certificate award from Course Pride will be added to your CV or portfolio, giving you complete flexibility with starting, stopping or restarting at your convenience using their learning portal.

2. In-person

This training equips you to explore the silent language of animals, connecting with their spirit guides and offering transformative healings and readings. Understand what they’re telling you by understanding their body language & facial expressions; interpret their feelings & needs; and how best to support their wellbeing & ease.

This workshop is intended for animal enthusiasts as well as those working with them – animal behaviorists, trainers, shelter and rescue workers, vets, pet nurses & groomers etc. Additionally it’s beneficial for individuals experiencing behavioral, training or health issues with their own animal(s).

This program is animal-driven with the intention of equipping communicators to make a meaningful difference for all beings in Nature (including humans) once they graduate. Participants go through all four levels of the communication process while receiving support in starting their own business if desired. Graduates emerge ready to service animal clients as well as human clients alike.

3. Workshops

Animal lovers looking to connect telepathically with their own animals or work in animal rescue and shelter settings. Animal communicators and healers find this a useful method for aiding animals on their healing journey (Channeling Level 3).

Through fun and engaging classes, you will discover how to communicate with animals around you through effective animal communication techniques. You will be able to interpret animal messages such as words, pictures, emotions and sensations – this process isn’t psychic but something everyone was born with the ability to do!

This 6-week online program gives you an opportunity to practice animal communication every week with new animal teachers and receive feedback from the teaching guides. The course is easy to follow and flexible enough so that participation fits with your time zone each week, helping you hone your animal communication skills, form deeper relationships with animals and establish spiritual ties between you both. Before enrolling, however, I suggest that you have first completed my Beginning Animal Communication class first.

4. Certification

No matter whether it is for yourself, or someone else’s animals, this course will show you how. From understanding animal language and recognition of messages through to experiencing feelings, senses, and thoughts as one united entity rather than from our separate human viewpoint – an extremely powerful skill!

Susan Levin, animal communicator and founder of Two Bear Healing Arts in Valley Cottage, New York will present.

Learn to communicate with both your own animals and clients! Through hands on practice, mentoring, and support as you develop your telepathic communication abilities – this comprehensive program is by application/invitation only.