Digital Signage Displays Apps – A New Way of Wayfinding For the Hospitality Industry

digital signage

Digital signage is part of the growing area of digital signage technology. Digital screens use advanced technology like LED, LCD, projection and holographic display to project digital content, video, images, restaurant menus, etc. These screens can be used anywhere in the world. The cost of installation and maintenance is much lower than that of conventional posters, menus, etc. Also, the content can be changed at any point of time. Digital signage can add value to your business in various ways.

* It can improve the customer experience: With so many different types of digital signage available in the market, customers are sure to find a solution that meets their needs. They can get detailed information about the product they have bought from you. They can also watch video demonstrations of different types of products. Digital screens can provide instant and relevant information to the viewer.

* It helps in reaching a large number of people: Today, smart phones, iPads, tablets and other high-tech mobile devices with built-in digital signage screen capability are in high demand by employees and customers. They can access the screens from any location, even from remote areas. With the help of the internet, people can share videos, images and videos on the digital signage screens. Using the android tv application, they can even show digital advertisements on the television screens.

* It can increase productivity: If the digital signage installed in a public place has content that has to be shared, it can help increase productivity. When employees have to log in to a system to make updates to the database or to manage their website; they can do so using their smart phones or tablets. As long as the screen is connected to the internet, employees can log in to the system, upload videos or images and share them with their co-workers. If the content is updated in real-time, the chances of your staff ignoring their schedules to come back or not being able to come back in time are minimal.

* It helps in enhancing social media engagement: When you use digital signage at events such as concerts, trade shows, open houses, etc., you get an opportunity to engage your audience even more. A screen linked to your social media account can be displayed on the screen. The information can include the date and time as well as photos taken by the attendee. This way, you can encourage the attendance of your customers through social media. You can also update the information through texts or email to the attendees.

* It helps in promoting your new offers: When digital signage displays your latest offer, it makes it easier for customers to check out the offers. In this way, they can choose the one that suits their needs. The menu items included in the offer can be checked out as well. The more the number of items displayed, the greater the chance of your customer’s checking them out.

* You can also use digital signage as a tool for customer service. For instance, when you are offering tickets, you can use your screens to provide a list of available seats. The audience can get in touch with you via the digital signage network and know more about the dates of your events. As an added advantage, they can also see the availability of tickets and book them online. Similarly, you can display important contact information on your digital signage displays such as your website address, phone number, email address, etc.

* Digital signage can also be used as a tool for customer wayfinding in the tourism industry. When you create an app for digital signage displays, you can make wayfinding easier for your customers. The digital signage network that you create can help point them out easily as they can access your app from various devices around the world. You can tailor the wayfinding options for specific locations such that they can find everything they need quickly and easily.