Lumina Grand Ec – Connecting and Uplifting Bukit Batok

lumina grand ec

Lumina grand ec is located within Bukit Batok’s thoughtfully-planned infrastructure, offering residents an abundance of amenities. More than just convenient living, its JRL provides opportunities to enrich and elevate their lifestyles.

Lumina Grand offers easy access to an abundance of top educational institutions, making it an ideal home for families who prioritize quality education. These schools place strong emphasis on character formation and academic pursuits to prepare children for successful futures careers.

Strategic Location

Lumina grand ec is conveniently situated in Bukit Batok and close to an array of transport hubs for effortless commutes between work and leisure activities. Residents will appreciate using one of the numerous bus services that provide convenient transport solutions.

The estate was designed to encourage walking and cycling, featuring bicycle-friendly paths and pedestrian walkways to encourage residents to switch to greener forms of transportation – contributing towards Singapore’s vision of a sustainable future.

By virtue of being within easy walking distance from MRT stations – including those of the Jurong Region Line (JRL), dwellers at Lumina Grand EC can benefit from car-free journeys to central business districts, shopping malls and recreational spots – without needing their vehicles for travel. In addition, due to Lumina Grand EC’s proximity to multiple prestigious schools that prioritize education. This location makes Lumina Grand EC an attractive option for families that prioritize education.

Bike-Friendly Paths

Bicycle enthusiasts find the 13-mile protected path a welcome respite from Manhattan’s traffic-clogged streets and an effective way to stay fit while also enjoying some fresh air and exercise.

Wide paved shoulders on city streets and highways provide a relaxing escape from urban life while connecting you to small towns and villages along your way. There are even dedicated multi-use paths designed specifically to separate cyclists from motorists for leisure family cycling – and of course the Empire State Trail that spans from Buffalo to Albany across Canada is an incredible showcase for this region’s natural and historical beauty. Use Google Maps to discover cycling routes (shown as dark green) as well as transportation alternatives in this region.

Strategic Proximity to Schools

Lumina Grand EC’s close proximity to an array of premier schools makes it the ideal residence for families who place great importance on education. Schools such as Millennia Institute are readily available nearby, giving children a comprehensive pre-university education without spending long hours travelling between classes.

Bukit Batok Secondary School is nearby the EC, providing children with guidance in making wise choices as they transition into adulthood through its focus on character formation and academic excellence.

Shopping malls such as IMM and Jurong Point provide residents with convenient retail and culinary offerings, providing a balanced lifestyle of convenience and variety while also benefiting from greener alternatives that reduce carbon emissions.

Comprehensive Bus Network

Lumina Grand’s proximity to the Jurong Region Line (JRL) allows residents to commute using public transit services – an environmentally-friendly alternative that supports Singapore’s efforts toward sustainable development.

Bukit Batok’s well-designed infrastructure not only features the JRL but also boasts an efficient bus network that ensures areas not served directly by MRT are accessible with ease – enabling residents to go shopping or explore outer parts of town whenever the mood strikes.

Keming Primary School, an esteemed establishment known for fostering creativity, innovation, and character development is also close by Lumina Grand. Parents can expect their children to receive quality education in an ideal learning environment and be better prepared for what awaits them in life’s next step.

Community Club

Shopaholics, gourmands and movie lovers alike can experience a vibrant urban lifestyle at Lumina Grand EC. Offering convenience, variety and luxury together, its exceptional living experience promises unparalleled pleasure for residents.

Families that prioritize education will appreciate its proximity to renowned schools as a major draw, providing their children with outstanding education without lengthy commutes.

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Lumina Grand EC’s stellar connectivity is sure to increase its property value, making it an attractive residential option for both future homeowners and investors. Notable among its amenities is Jurong Region Line (JRL), allowing residents quick access to iconic business districts like Raffles Place within minutes.