5 Reasons Why Wayfinding Kiosk Software Is the Best Choice For Your Business

wayfinding kiosk software

A wayfinding kiosk software can offer many benefits. It can include unlimited location data and arrow placement options. Unlike a physical sign, a wayfinding kiosk can also be customized to your business’s specific needs. These solutions can also offer job postings and real-time transit feeds. Here are five reasons why kiosk software is the best choice for your business. And keep reading to learn more. And, don’t forget to download a free trial version and see if it’s right for you.

Point-to-point directions

Point-to-point directions are perhaps the most important feature of wayfinding kiosk software. They are designed to direct people to a destination by providing a map in digital format. This is the foundation of the next steps in wayfinding. But how do you make sure that the information you display is accurate? Fortunately, there are many ways to improve the accuracy of your point-to-point directions.

A wayfinding kiosk can provide users with directional and search criteria. It also displays an animated map of the shortest route from a specific location. A built-in search engine makes it easy to find a location in a matter of seconds. A user can also tap quick reference buttons to find an access point to a particular facility. Then, a floor plan of the facility that they’re trying to reach is displayed.

Interactive floor plans

The installation of a wayfinding kiosk at a reception desk can increase visitor satisfaction and revenue. Its user-friendly design makes it easy to use for both experienced and first-time users. Its easy navigation helps visitors and employees get to the desired location and notify their contacts. The main advantage of wayfinding kiosks over paper maps is that they do not need to be printed every time the floor plans are changed. This increases the printing costs and adversely impacts the environment.

Aside from the increased visitor satisfaction, the Interactive Floor Plan allows you to promote the available spaces and services. With its animated arrows, visitors will know where to find their colleagues and the services they provide. Moreover, Wayfinding Software helps you to improve employee productivity by eliminating the hassles associated with paper maps. Its third-party integrations add even more benefits. For instance, you can integrate it with your HR platform. The system will then alert the facilities if a new employee joins the organization.

Real-time transit feeds

Interactive wayfinding kiosk software helps cities provide comprehensive information to riders. From simple wayfinding to real-time transit feeds, interactive kiosks are useful for displaying emergency messaging, public service announcements, and more. Additionally, these interactive displays can display information about upcoming events and local services such as bike-sharing availability. Rather than relying on signage and phone books, wayfinding kiosk software enables users to access information directly from their desktop.

A wayfinding kiosk software that uses real-time transit feeds can provide detailed information about train and bus arrival times. The software can also display digital content from advertisers, such as a countdown clock, to help passengers decide on the best time to take a certain transit route. For example, a college campus might use this software to display arrival and departure times for students. Another example of an interactive wayfinding kiosk is a student union building. The kiosk software connects to a Metro Transit server and communicates with the station to display real-time departure and arrival information.

Job postings

Hiring a new employee is no longer a problem, as wayfinding kiosk software helps employees find their colleagues. With so many uses, they’re becoming an important part of the workplace. You can find job postings in kiosk software and even manage your staff’s time more effectively with your company’s own wayfinding solutions. Here are three reasons you should hire a wayfinding kiosk software vendor:

Wayfinding kiosks are interactive screen-based devices that let people control their experience by providing them with maps, expanded information and search functions. They can be placed in key areas, such as landings for elevators and escalators, or dotted around a complex space. Aside from helping people find the right place, they also reduce the need for customer service representatives. Using a wayfinding kiosk can help you improve your business’s bottom line by reducing the need for a high-quality customer experience.


There are many different kinds of kiosk software. Some of these offer maps and other information to help users find their way around a venue. Others can connect to a content management system and show third-party data. They can even integrate a barcode scanner for easier product lookup. Typically, these software are available out of the box, and some are available on a framework. Before you invest in a wayfinding kiosk software package, you should look at what it includes.

A comprehensive system offers powerful scheduling options. A robust version control system allows users to collaborate, avoiding duplication of work and human resources. Moreover, interactive wayfinding kiosk software offers analytics for system performance. With these reports, you can evaluate the location of your kiosks and the popularity of web and app-based modules. It can also help property management earn extra revenue from tenants by increasing sales. This feature allows users to easily plan their visit to your facility before they arrive.