Top Features of Kiosk Management Software

kiosk management software

There are many advantages to kiosk devices, and there are some key features that employers should look for when choosing a management system. These include easy set up, no need for prior experience, and security features that prevent unauthorized use or tampering with device settings. With kiosk management software, employers can remotely monitor their devices and prevent employees from changing any settings. In addition, kiosks are associated with a location tracking policy, so they can be updated on their location at all times.


The NoviSign kiosk management software enables businesses to broadcast content on interactive kiosks and download content from a centralized database. The cloud-based solution provides centralized management of kiosk content, allows users to create custom content and publish it on kiosks, and offers real-time reporting. The solution also provides tools to manage content and create interactive polls and social media platforms. It works with most file formats and can be installed on Chrome-based devices.

The software allows users to add dynamic content to their content by incorporating widgets and live RSS feeds. It supports media slideshows and offers a customizable media library. It also supports ad management, multi-screen support, and compliance checks. The NoviSign kiosk management software also allows users to create custom web pages and customize them using a drag-and-drop feature. A customizable homepage and customized content are also included, as are widgets for social media feeds, websites, and media slideshows.


If you’re in the market for a kiosk management system, you should check out Scalefusion. It’s a complete solution, with a number of features and a friendly user interface. Here are a few features of this software that you’ll find useful. Scalefusion also provides the ability to geolocate any device and block certain applications. You can also choose to limit what your kiosk can access, so that visitors won’t be distracted by advertisements.

Designed for kiosks, Scalefusion’s kiosk management software can be used to control the apps on employees’ devices. This enables IT admins to set limits and manage device access. The software also lets IT administrators distribute apps and push security settings across kiosks, monitoring their health, and enabling or disabling specific features. A simple web-based dashboard is provided to make it easy to track usage and manage devices.


Esper is an Android-based kiosk management software. It supports mobile point-of-sale (POS) and self-service ordering, as well as student tablets and healthcare screenings. Its features include multiple provisioning methods, file upload and download, and file security. Esper does not support G Suite account enrollment. Hexnode’s UEM solution is more comprehensive and provides end-to-end management for a variety of platforms. Its kiosk lockdown capabilities are another benefit.

For kiosk security, Esper provides a safe chrome browsing experience with its managed configuration APIs. For example, kiosk administrators can set up a custom allowlist of specific websites, disable browser incognito mode, or enforce safe searches. Esper also offers flexible kiosk exit. For example, kiosk administrators can disable kiosk mode or allow users to manually exit kiosk mode, depending on their preferences. They can also enable and disable kiosk whitelisting for the apps and websites users can use.


If you’re struggling to keep your company’s kiosks up-and-running, HootBoard kiosk management software may be the solution for you. Powered by social media-style sharing, HootBoard allows you to post content and engage your audience with content you’re passionate about. From company announcements to fun office events, the HootBoard kiosks can help your business communicate in a fresh and engaging way. But with its limited character limit and lack of customization options, this kiosk management software has its drawbacks.

The HootBoard kiosk management software can make the entire process of running your information kiosk easier and more productive. The software’s user interface can make your kiosk a highly engaging place to work. Visitors can find the information they’re looking for easily and quickly with the help of simple tools. With HootBoard’s intuitive software, your employees and students will be engaged. The software also offers a number of features to help you make the most of your interactive kiosks and maximize the potential of your investment.


ManageEngine’s cloud-based kiosk management software is a powerful solution that helps you manage and broadcast content to multiple devices. With the software, IT admins can lock down the kiosks and prevent unauthorized access, while limiting excess data usage. The system supports iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and is customizable with custom branding options. It also supports digital signage displays. You can even run interactive polls and games on your kiosks!

MDM (mobile device management) is a powerful enterprise mobility management solution that allows administrators to impose policies on managed devices. With ManageEngine MDM, administrators can assign specific profiles to different groups. The kiosk management software also allows administrators to restrict specific features and settings on smart devices, making them suitable for single-purpose functions. This makes ManageEngine kiosk management software an excellent solution for any organization. Its MDM module doubles as a kiosk management tool, so it’s easy to set up and use.